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Maya Foundation in Nepal
No country is as diverse as Nepal with its highest mountains in the North and deep jungles in the South. Although its capital, Kathmandu, is a city of millions, the greater part of the population inhabits small villages located in the hilly countryside. Nepal is a country still developing, both politically as well as social geographically.

Since 2004, Maya Foundation has been helping the inhabitants of the Kaski district and its surroundings in these developments and provides support to projects carried out by the local community concerning education, health care and rural development. Based in the Netherlands, working groups have been set up for each of these departments because apart from financial support, Maya Foundation also considers transfer of knowledge to be highly important. With this, the foundation aims to work towards the ability of the local population to cope independently.

For this reason, there is close cooperation within Nepal with local partner organisations, local authorities and the target group itself. In the Netherlands, there are collaborations with different types of Dutch higher education institutions. Other than knowledge, we also incorporate the potential of interns who help by conducting certain researches as well as with the implementation process of our projects.

Video impression (YouTube)
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Our working area
Our working area is located in central Nepal.